Photography by Polly

Herbs of the Northern Shaman
A Guide to Mind-Altering Plants of the Northern Hemisphere.

A rerelease of the classic by the Bard of Ely
...but this time with full colour photography throughout by Katrinia Rindsberg

Throughout history and continuing onward from the present day, a very wide range of trees, plants and fungi have been used for a multitude of purposes wherever people have lived.

Many herbs are used for culinary reasons, many others as medicinal cures and preventative tonics and many more for all of these purposes.

Throughout the world, an extensive number have been in widespread usage because of the mind-altering properties they possess.

Lots of these have been recognised as magical plants and used by practitioners of tribal shamanism, witchcraft and other esoteric practices.

Second Edition, with color pictures of almost every plant and detailed shots to assist identification.

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